Denise Craig has been my hygienist for the past thirty years. The greatest quality of her performance is a combination of her diagnostic skills to recognize periodontal and other dental problems, and the ability to perform subgingival scaling not often seen in many hygienists. She has all the skills necessary to treat many types of dental problems and combines these skills with a gifted personality.
Burton Langer DMD
Diplomate American Board of Periodontology

I have had the good fortune to care of many dental patients with Denise Craig, for many years.  She provides exceptional  dental hygiene care to all of the patients we have treated together.  Her patients are especially loyal to her and have benefited from her dedication and skill.
Burney M Croll, DDS

I have worked with Denise Craig for 25 years and have enjoyed an outstanding professional relationship with her.  Denise is extremely knowledgeable and thorough in periodontal and restorative needs, having full mastery in her diagnostic skills and clinical procedures.  And most of all, she has the greatest empathy for her patients' care and needs. 
Harold Litvak, DMD,MSD
Diplomate American board of Prosthodontists

I have known Denise for over 30 years.Denise is bright and enthusiastic and has an extraordinary knowledge of dentistry and periodontology. Denise can evaluate a patient and discuss a treatment plan and provide periodontal care. Denise is a great asset to anyone in her care. 
Lloyd Sara, DDS