The Oral Health Method®

CLEARLY THE MOUTH, in many ways is the "gateway" to the rest of the body. Oral health is the cornerstone to total health, and it starts here.

The concept behind Ohm is to inform, transform, and resurrect inspiring mouths to take an evolutionary leap of awareness and responsibility, and guide you through the necessary steps to get you there, reap healthy dividends, far beyond oral health and keeping your teeth, the mouth is a minefield for problems.

Problems can be averted if you follow the formula. Avoid needless stress, exorbitant future cost, time and pain. Avoid thousands of dollars, pain free and pay free,

PREVENTION and EDUCATION is the foundation of the Oral Health Method...Compliance is the other necessary
factor for optimum results. Change the way you think! (if it doesn't bother me, leave it alone)

The paradox  "fear keeps you away....pain gets you there"!


1  Teeth Cleaning.  must get teeth cleaned at least 3-4 times a year,(cost effective) the 6 month cleaning does not exist! Not every cleaning is the same, Not every hygienist is the same! (there's a big difference)

2  Choose your weapon, toothbrushing + whatever works for you to get in between is a MUST!

3  A Clean mouth is imperative before going to sleep.(sleeptime is when the havoc begins)

4  Untreated mouths progress into full blown periodontal disease!

5  Conscious eating!  Fruits & Vegetables (if you are going to eat pastas, cakes, breads, brush or rinse immediately after)!

"If you have bad gums, you get bad bone....bad bone, no teeth"!


Oral Exams. Oral Cancer Screening. Dental Hygiene Diagnosis Examinations of existing restorations Tooth decay Digital Xrays Oral Hygiene Recommendation/home care. Fluoride treatments Teeth Whitening/ power bleaching in office at home bleaching Professional Dental Cleaning Ultrasonic Therapy. Periodontal Scaling & Root Planing Periodontal Maintenanc Periodontal disease. Locally Administered Anti-Infectives