Andrew M.
Escondido, CA
***** 1/08/2016
You will not find a more talented and personable hygienist in all of New York City. Denise Craig is a professional who utilizes a completely custom approach when it comes to oral hygiene. The individual attention you receive when you step through the doors is second to none. Apart from being an amazing dentist, she is truly an amazing person who cares deeply about the well being of her patients. I highly recommend Denise to anyone aspiring to improve their dental health. Thank you Denise!

Vito F.
Brooklyn, NY
***** 12/20/2015
Wow, wow, wow! I've always been to dental health and have always been looking for someone who is as passionate as me to work on my mouth. That person is Denise Craig. Denise keeps up to date on all the new technology, practices and equipment so you are never in the dark. Denise is charming, fun and chatty. I look forward to getting my teeth cleaned and I know that Denise is going to do everything in her power to keep me from the drill! When I leave her office I know my mouth is flawless! Try her once and you'll never your teeth cleaned anywhere else!

Anne O.
Manhattan, NY
***** 12/02/2015
Denise Craig is simply wonderful! I've been going to her for cleanings for a few years now. She's thorough, kind, and direct. NO PAIN!! Denise numbs your mouth with a rub on cream before putting her instruments into it. After years of having pokes, prods and blood during cleanings, she eliminated all my fears and anxiety. She's also VERY funny with a dry wit and good sense of humor. Denise sends you home with a squeaky clean mouth and a new toothbrush! You may have had the rest, but with Denise you have the best! She's awesome!

Jessica R.
Brooklyn, NY
***** 10/26/2015
Denise is literally a DENTAL EXPERIENCE!! I have been going to Denise for over a year and she's literally transformed my mouth from puffy gummy tissue and off-color teeth to healthy tissue and she's popped my color about 5 shades. It's rare in life you meet someone with insane dental talent and who makes you laugh and is cool to hang with during your appointment. Denise is all that and then some! If you start going to Denise, I am positive you'll become addicted to her services, like I am, and thoroughly be impressed with the results

Jim D.
Brooklyn, NY
***** 5/23/2014
Denise is the supreme tooth angel!!! She's patient with her patients, and debunks all the fears of dentistry. She made me care about my personal dental hygiene, and made me realize how important dental care is to your overall health. Don't run from the dentist chair, run to Denise for her expertise and gentle touch. I plan to recommend her to all my closest friends!

Samir N.
North Brunswick, NJ
***** 4/17/2014
OMG, OMG, OMG I am so very happy and lucky to visit Denise!. She is the best in business !!! I had some bad experiences in my prior dental visit(s) and I was very skeptical about trying a new one. Finally, gathered some courage and visited her on my friends recommendation, she put me at ease immediately. She is a magician,I must say!,I am amazed to see her talking about minute details. She was patient enough to answer all of my silly questions. Also I didn't feel any pain after my visit !,no pain at all !!!. I didn't feel rushed too-it's just like she does her job effectively and quickly. Would recommend her and would return to her office for any further needs.

Vuk B.
Essex Fells, NJ
***** 11/21/2013
There are dental hygienists and then there is Denise. She has taken dental hygiene to a whole new level by using state of the art techniques. If you need to restore the health of your teeth or just want to have a piece of mind that your teeth are getting the best possible care she is the one..

Lisa J.
Manhattan, NY
***** 04/22/2013
I have been working with Denise Craig for many years. She has been instrumental in helping me maintain good oral health, which is really good to protect the thousands of dollars I have already put into dentistry......she has a common sense, pain-free, pleasant approach. Thoroughly professional and LISTENS TO ME and doesn't spend the whole time distracted by other things like so many of them. Good price and careful attention.

Kate K.
Manhattan, NY
***** 03/12/2013
Denise Craig is an exceptional, caring periodontal dental hygienist who prides herself on staying on the cutting edge of patient care. She is a dedicated licensed professional with one primary goal--maintaining high standards of quality and integrity, and is motivated to achieve the best results for her patients. Denise has been my hygienist for over fifteen years and I would highly recommend her to anyone who wants only the best care!

Susan M.
Deal, NJ
***** 12/09/2012
I've been to many hygienist, but this is another level! My gums have never been better! Amazing! Thank you!

Carol W.
New York, NY
***** 11/30/2012
Denise is a warm person who cleans your teeth like you have never had them cleaned before. She has helped me keep my teeth and gums healthy for many years

Denise D.
New York, NY
***** 11/29/2012
For 20 years I have entrusted my oral health care to Denise Craig, and the most honest review of her that I can offer is that she is simply the best. She is skilled, knowledgeable, efficient, effective, thorough, reliable, and caring. She has earned the respect of NYC's dental industry elite for good reason.

Lisa J.
Manhattan, NY
***** 11/29/2012
I have been going to Denise Craig for over 10 years and trust her work and experience very much! She provides state-of-the-art treatment and is very thorough, flexible, and pain-free. Go see her!

Renee A.
New York, NY
***** 11/28/2012
I am fitness enthusiast. A fit mouth is a clean mouth with healthy teeth and robust gums. My mouth is fit; I work on it daily. But I could not have done it alone! For almost 30 years, Denise Craig has been my dental hygienist. I have followed her practice: Wherever she went, I went, and she has worked for the best dental practices New York City has to offer. What makes Denise so special is a combination of perfectionism and devotion to oral health. When Denise cleans your teeth, you are not only getting the best technician, you are getting the latest information on oral care, a careful examination of potential issues, and suggestions for solutions. Her screening has cautioned me a number of times and spared me later problems. We have a partnership in my oral fitness; she does all she can to get my mouth in shape, to educate me on new and better dental care products, and I do the daily regime. I love to smile and because of Denise's dedication, I have a smile that shines.

Sally H.
Manhattan, NY
***** 11/28/2012
I have been using Denise as my periodontist for over 20 years, and thank goodness! She has undoubtedly helped me from losing teeth due to gum disease. Denise is highly knowledgeable, caring, and refers to the right dentist when appropriate. I reommend her highly. Sally Haver

Joanna C.
New York, NY
***** 11/27/2012
I love Denise. She saved my mouth. Not only is she a terrific person, she is a great an passionate advocate of mouth health. My teeth and gums have never felt better. She taught me how to care for my mouth properly--and she it truly the first person to do so even though I have seen dentists and hygienists all my life. Yay for Denise.

Eugene K.
New York, NY
***** 11/26/2012
For many years I jumped around from dental office to dental office never feeling comfortable with the care I was receiving. In the process, my teeth suffered. After a couple of visits to see Denise, I'm back on track with a good oral health regimen. Denise is great at what she does. She makes sure I'm comfortable. She tells me what I need to know so I can do my part to keep my mouth healthy and she does the rest with attentive care. It's a team effort and i'm glad she's on my team.

Patrick D.
San Mateo, CA
***** 11/26/2012
Denise Craig is professional, knowledgeable and efficient. She has definitely taught me enough (like brushing and flossing correctly) to be able to maintain my teeth and keep them at there healthiest for years to come. You can tell when someone deeply cares about your well being, and Denise is one of those people. Her passion and the way that she makes you feel comfortable and at ease definitely makes her one of the best dental hygienists out there. My past experiences with other dentists and dental hygienists were mainly a 'get in, get out' type of deal, but getting your teeth cleaned by Denise is definitely an enlightening experience.

Janice H.
New York, NY
Once you find a good dental hygenist, you should never part ways. Denise has been advising me and educating me on oral hygiene for over 10 years. It is imperative for one to put as much (if not more) emphasis on the health of their teeth and gums as they do the rest of their body. It is quite evident when working with Denise that she cares about oral health and understands the interconnectedness of all things effecting our being. I highly recommend Denise Craig to all who are willing to be an active participant in their own health.